Despite the bear market, Bitcoin and cryptos are getting more popular

bitcoin popular
Bitcoin and cryptos are getting more popular

Declining prices often lead to investors pulling out of the market. According to a new analysis by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, they crypto crash did not change investor interest. More investors did get into the market in 2018.

More investmetn in crypto

recent analysis by the “Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance” showed that during the first 9 months of 2018, the number of investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets did increase significantly.

The number of verified investors increased by almost 100 percent, according to the analysis. The dramatically lower prices of almost all big tokens like Ripple or Litecoin did not stop investor interest. For some industry experts, lower prices on the crypto market are an argument for people to get into crypto. Only about a year ago, Bitcoin was close to $ 20,000, now being traded at $ 3.400.

The price corrections of the past few months did get crypto back to a level where normal investors can again afford to invest. Reports about the “end” of Asian mining farms did not prevent any investments from happening.

According to the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, the confirmed numbers by the end of the third quarter amount to 35 million crypto investors. For the experts, investor approval is an indicator that the downward spiral of crypto prices might finally be over by new year.


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