Delion API Supports IOTA Payments by Email


Software developer Delion is looking to make IOTA’s Tangle technology accessible to the masses. To start, they’ve launched a technology that supports IOTA payments by e-mail.

IOTA’s Tangle protocol is not the blockchain. It’s a “directed acyclic graph (DAG) for storing
transactions.” Until recently, the only way to send IOTA payments was through the IOTA Light Wallet, which gave some users sleepless nights and whose software environment was the target of phishing attacks. A Trinity wallet is better but reportedly doesn’t solve all of the issues surrounding ease of use.

In order to make IOTA suitable for mass production, developer Malik Dakdaki has created a new feature on delion:api that gives users the ability to send and receive IOTA payments with an email address. The technology is based on the PayPal model, which is already one of the largest payment service providers in the world.

With delion-api, users can send IOTA payments by email to other Delion users. After the transaction has been successfully confirmed on Tangle, both parties receive a confirmation in their inbox.

Streamlining Payments

According to Dakdaki, the big advantage of the API is that it does not need to generate a new receive address each time. According to Dakdaki’s blog post:

“Instead of generating and publishing new reception addresses when moving funds, delion allows to publish one unique mail address where IOTA can be sent to. The funds can now be moved independently without keeping an eye on generating and publishing new addresses.”

Considering the feature was only recently introduced, it remains to be seen whether it will stand the test of time.


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