Decentralize Everything: Spacebit wants to decentralize Space

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Spacebit and Goonhilly teamed up to decentralize space. Goonhilly is satellite communications developer, and Spacebit a Technology company using Blockchain. They want to make space missions public with the help of the blockchain technology.

Private space research has become a lucrative sector. One of the best known non space companies is Elon Musks’ SpaceX. Private space travel however creates the risk of centralizing the commercialization of the universe. What may seem absurd at first seems particularly serious with respect to the invaluable minerals and metals contained in asteroid belts. The company Spacebit has therefore set itself the goal of decentralizing the universe, and cooperating with Satellite company Goonhilly.

Decentralize Space

Spacebit wants everyone to participate in the future of space exploration. Only a small number of organizations and individuals do have access to space travel. Spacebit employs engineers, rocket scientists, contractors, consultants and astronauts.

The goal is to use blockchain technology to democratize access to space, by tokenizing all commercial missions into space. Spacebit uses Goonhilly’s network of over 60 satellite antennas to conduct the pilot projects.

Goonhilly is a UK-based satellite communications developer. The company provides a range of space-related connectivity and operations services to commercial outlets and governments. By using blockchain technology, Goonhilly aims to create new space-based business models that incorporate streamlined management systems for recording advanced data and communication between ground and space stations.

According to Ian Jones, CEO of Goonhilly Earth Station:

Exploring the new commercial opportunities in space requires new ways of thinking. Many of the underlying techniques used in blockchain technology have strong parallels in existing secure communication technology. We look forward to working with Spacebit to discover innovative use cases and business models for blockchain-enabled space communications and showing how these might be applied.

For Goonhilly, this cooperation makes totally sense, as explained  Pavlo Tanasyuk, Founder of Spacebit:

Goonhilly shares our passion for exploration, and a disruptive, entrepreneurial approach to business. Today’s partnership is targeted at driving forward new economic models around space communication. We firmly believe space exploration should be available to everyone; blockchain lies at the heart of that ambition and will galvanise the new space economy by laying the building blocks for the automation of space communications and democratising access to space data and satellite communications.

It will be interesting to see how far


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