Cryptocurrencies in gaming, this is the upcoming project of a 12 year old CEO

When a majority of kids are content with earning good grades and scoring high marks on their report cards, which by all means is a very good thing. However, in this new era there comes a kid with huge aspirations and dreams, 12-year-old George Weiksner is the latest member to join this club, George along with his father Michael, is working towards launching an Ethereum-based token that can be utilized across various different gaming platforms.

Kids Love Video Games … and Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies were first introduced to George by his own father, Michael has several years of experience working in the industry. The father-son duo laid down a plan to create a new vision for both gaming and digital currencies through their startup Pocketful of Quarters. The CEO of this company is the 12-year-old George himself, amazingly he is not even out of grade school yet.

Being an avid video game enthusiast, the idea for their business originally struck George while he was discussing the cryptocurrency market with his father during a ride home from class.

In an interview with Business Insider, George said “At the time, I was truly unsatisfied because whenever I quit playing a video game, all the coins I’d earned in the game were gone.”, the 12-year-old CEO further added, “That meant all the work and effort that I’d been putting into the games was being wasted, so when my dad discussed cryptocurrencies, developing a cryptocurrency for games made perfect sense to me.”

A cross-platform digital currency token that can be utilized in the future as an “in-game currency” proved to be the solution for George.

Termed as “quarters,” the virtual asset is built via Ethereum-based technology and can be purchased through the company website, which according to George will function like a cryptocurrency exchange. He also further revealed that the coins can be utilized to purchase any in-game features right from upgrades to additional lives.

Under typical conditions, anyone in their sane mind would think at least thousand times before entrusting a kid with the post of CEO, yet George’s dad feels that given the organization’s association with computer games, his son is the right man for the job.

According to Michael’s statement, it reads “A 12-year-old mind can perceive the world untainted by all of the silly compromises we’ve made, and when I explained cryptocurrencies to George, that’s exactly what happened.”, Furthermore, Michael said, “It was equally exciting for me to get his point of view on something I thought was fascinating as it was for him to show me about something that I believe is the future.”

The Future of Crypto? Millennials?

It is quite amazing to see George Weiksner start at such a tender age but however, he isn’t the first and certainly would not be the last kid to step into the bitcoin arena before he’s old enough to drive.

Recently an 11-year-old Andrew Courey from Massachusetts made headlines following the news that a book entitled Early Bird Gets the Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide to Everything About Bitcoin for Amazon Kindle was self-published by him.

Besides, not long ago, 18-year-old Erik Finman made a wager with his folks that if he managed to become a millionaire before he legitimately can be termed as a grown-up, they wouldn’t pressurize him to join college. On account of his continuous bitcoin investments and progressing market plays, Finman has achieved his budgetary objective and is looking to skip getting a degree to make more crypto moves.


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