After several heated interactions, controversies, and lawsuits about his claims to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright is back with another news. The Australian entrepreneur has registered a copyright for the original Bitcoin whitepaper and the early computer code with the US Copyright Office.

Registration Awarded to Wright

The US Copyright Office posted recently on its website that it has granted the registration of the code and marketing proposal to Australian computer scientist Craig Wright who wrote it under the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. Note that copyright registrations do not follow an exhaustive process, unlike a patent, because of which the issue is not expected to settle anytime soon.

Wright’s representative went on to say that he will seek to stop the digital currency community from referring to the original coin like Bitcoin. He said that it does not possess the attributed described in the original research paper. Note that Wright was one of the fiercest proponents of Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) and claims that it is the real Bitcoin. BSV is the fork of a fork which originated as a parallel chain to Bitcoin Cash (also called Bitcoin Cash ABC) a few months ago. BSV was recently delisted by several prominent exchanges.

Wright Discredits Bitcoin

In an email to Bloomberg, Wright said:

“BTC is not Bitcoin. BTC is passing off as Bitcoin. It is an airdrop copy that has been designed to slowly alter the protocol allowing the system to be anonymized to such an extent that criminal activity can happen. The goal is to create a system that allows people to commit crimes, extort money, have automated ransomware, and worse. This is not the goal of Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin SV’s price increased by 56% to $97 after the news broke, according to data from

Wright has been a controversial and polarizing figure in the crypto community. Several prominent members of the community, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, have brushed off his claims of being Satoshi earlier. Even libertarians and computer scientists have had doubts about Wright’s outrageous claims.

So how did Wright manage the copyright? Intellectual property lawyer Michael Cohen said that the Copyright Office doesn’t scrutinize if a person is the true author of the work. It is just an administrative process, and registration is granted as soon as minimum requirements are met. Applicants can complete the process online and get registration within six to eight months. Wright is also busy waging a legal war, citing libel cases at anyone who discredits his theory of being Satoshi.


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