Enterprise Ethereum Company ConsenSys today released the list of top 20 projects experiencing the most developer activity on GitHub, of which 16 are being built on Ethereum’s blockchain. ConsenSys used data from State of the Dapps which provides valuable info on commits, issues, pushes and pull requests from open source projects. The company noted that projects with more activity are more likely to BUIDL than others.

What Does the Data Reflect?

While noting that the data is not a definitive picture of the state of blockchain development, ConsenSys said that:

“The GitHub data illustrates some interesting trends regarding developer activity in the blockchain space in regards to open source projects.”

Of the top 20 projects, 16 are being built on Ethereum, 1 on EOS, 1 on Steem and 2 are blockchain interoperability networks. ConsenSys said that it denotes that a wide majority of development activity is centered on Ethereum.

Which Are the Top 3 Networks?

Mobile Ethereum OS Status is the dApp with the highest activity and noted 7328 events in the past 30 days. The Status team is developing iOS, Android and desktop versions of their Status app. The second dApp to experience heightened activity is the Tendermint-based blockchain interoperability platform called Cosmos. The project witnessed 5763 events in the last month as it is inching closer to its vision of “Internet of Blockchains.”

The third app on the list was EOS based High Fidelity, a virtual reality platform that is currently looking forward to an EOS integration. It witnessed 4835 events last month, marking a 306% increase in activity.

Other apps that made it to the list are- ARK, Gnosis, Storj, Origin Protocol, Aragon, Augur, Simple Token/OST, MetaMask, eSteem, Decentraland, SingularityNET, OmiseGo, 0x, Neufund, Civil, Raiden Network and Basic Attention Token.


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