Cobinhood Introduces Fiat Trading on Its Trading Platform

US dollars, to Cobinhood in cryptocurrency

New York, 24.07.18 – Cobinhood, a free trading platform for cryptocurrencies, enables Fiat trading. From 20th July onwards, users can convert legal tender, initially US dollars, to Cobinhood in cryptocurrency and vice versa. Cobinhood’s Fiat trading is a part of a series of key announcements from the trading platform. Surveys show that after a period of consolidation, the majority of market participants expect a rise in the prices by 2019.

In the month of June, Dexon Foundation was formed and was made known to the world by Cobinhood. The goal is to support Dexon’s blockchain technology – the Blocklattice. Based on Blocklattice, DApps can be developed in a much easier way than on the traditional distributed networks. Cobinhood is an exclusive ICO service partner of the Dexon Foundation as a separate commercial entity. Fiat trading on Cobinhood will allow investors to buy and sell tokens for BTC, ETH and USDT and a variety of other options.

“In many situations, the market does not reflect the huge advances made in cryptocurrencies worldwide,” says Popo Chen, founder of Cobinhood. “Traders know there are plenty of opportunities right now, so it’s an appropriate time to introduce fiat trading to Cobinhood. I have no doubt that many investors focus on real added value and wait for prices to streamline. The near future, therefore, promises to be an interesting time. Fiat options provide additional liquidity to the platform. “

Cobinhood worked to meet rigorous Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements prior to the Fiat announcement and meets Level 3 KYC requirements. This enables Cobinhood to operate in one of the world’s most rigorous regulatory jurisdictions. In addition, Cobinhood has found a payment partner in Epay that provides users with the most user-friendly payment interface and legal compliance.

As a result, Cobinhood knew there was a need for a payment partner who understood the hassle of fiat trading. Cobinhood has found such a partner in Epay. This will allow Cobinhood to offer its users a user-friendly and compliant payment interface.

About Cobinhood (

COBINHOOD, founded in 2017, is the world’s first toll-free trading platform for cryptocurrencies and service providers for ICOs. Behind the company is the former 17-media founder Popo Chen. The goal is to make economies sustainable for the blockchain era by creating a financial center. COBINHOOD believes that the development of blockchain technology and a decentralized finance world will transform global capital markets and business operations.


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