Car Dealers and Taxi Services in Japan come to accept Bitcoin

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Bitpoint, one of Japan’s 16 regulated crypto exchanges, recently announced two trade alliances to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies by business owners in Japan.

Taxi service to accept Bitcoin in Tokyo, Haneda and Narita

Founded in 1981, Hinomaru operates a fleet of 362 limousines and 161 taxis. According to Bloomberg, Hinomaru will start a trial period, and if the trial is successful, bitcoin paymentos can be expanded to include regular taxi rides.

According to the Bitpoint statement, cryptocurrencies will be accepted for services between the 23 districts of Tokyo and the two main airports of the city: Haneda and Narita. The types of vehicles available are of the “high quality type (Tesla Model S)” for 4 passengers and “Minivan type (Toyota Alphard)” for four to six passengers.

Prices range from 19,020 yen to 37,020 yen for Narita and from 8,300 yen to 15,600 yen for Haneda. To pay with Bitcoin, passengers need to have a Bitpoint account and use the Bitpoint wallet application for Android or iOS on their smartphone.

Used Car Dealer Carchs also accepts Bitcoin

On November 1st, Bitpoint announced a business alliance with Carchs Holdings Co. Ltd. to make the payment of cryptocurrencies at its dealerships possible.

With the help of Bitpoint, two Carchs dealers started accepting cryptocurrency payments on November 1st and will continue to accept them until January 9th of next year. The two stores are Mega Sendai Carchs in the Hokkaido/Tohoku area, and Nangang Carchs in the Kansai area.

The announcement also states that the two companies “plan to develop virtual currency payments at all Carchs stores in the future.”

Just like for Hinomarus’ services, Carch’s customers need to have a Bitpoint account and use the Bitpoint wallet application to pay with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.


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