Busy Time for TRON, TRX: Price Rise, Acquisitions and Secrets

Busy time for Tron

While the rest of the crypto market seemed to have a quiet Sunday, perhaps recovering from the SEC decision to say no to the Gemini ETF, Tron saw some good action. The decentralized digital content entertainment platform saw its TRX price rise by more than 10 percent yesterday, and made it back into the top 10.

This ended a week that saw the platform make other gains, too. And it isn’t about to get any recovery time – this week promises to be very busy time for TRON, too, as the platform launches a virtual machine and reveals a secret plan.

The Tron Virtual Machine testnet is supposed to be launched any time now, and Tron founder Justin Sim has hinted at a secret announcement which will be made at the same time. This has had many users on the edge of their seats after Sim said it would, in all likelihood, gain the platform more than 100 million new active users.

Could “Secret” Be Result of BitTorrent Acquisition?

Speculations on what Sim could be talking about range from teaming up with e-commerce companies like Alibaba, to it being a development allied in some way to its acquisition of BitTorrent last week. The answer should be revealed soon.

The Tron Foundation’s acquisition of BitTorrent (and the uTorrent it owns) was a pretty big deal in itself. The leading torrent operation has a huge user base – somewhere between 150 million and 170million users – and an established P2P architecture, which could be useful in the creation of a cryptocurrency operation.

Just a few days after the BitTorrent acquisition became official (reportedly involving cash amounting to $140million), BitTorrent announced itself as a candidate for election as a Tron Super Representative in terms of the comapny’s DPOS election mechanism. And Tron is backing it all the way.

Tron Promises High Speed for New TVM

Meanwhile, the launch of the TVM testnet should itself hold some surprises. The company has indicated that its virtual machine, aimed at attracting smart contract developers, will be totally compatible with the Ethereum one, but will be about 80% faster.


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