BTCC is Relaunching its Trading Platform

BTCC is one of the oldest digital exchanges located in China. It was launched as BTT China in the year 2011. The value of Cryptocurrencies has risen in the market with time. Few countries banned the use of crypto and China was one of them. Literally, all the crypto-currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and related websites were banned there.

BTCC Was Forced To Shutdown

BTCC was forced to shut down due to the rules and regulations imposed by the Chinese government on crypto-currencies on September 2017. BTTC tried to set up its base in Hong Kong. But due to many reasons, it ultimately sold its Mobi wallet, mining pool and trading platform to an investment firm of Hong Kong in January of 2018.

BTCC is Back in Action

Around May, the Chinese government got a bit lenient regarding crypto issues. This does not mean that they are in favor of crypto. Knowing this information, BTCC announced its plans to re-launch the trading platform. The official announcement came on July 2nd, 2018. Being in the digital exchange business, they added up more features under them. BTCC is now offering its own tokens to users. Those tokens can be used for trading cryptocurrencies.

They are also planning to give various tasks to users with which they get reward points. Those reward points can be converted to BTCC tokens. Tasks include referring other users, trading, signing up and verifying ID’s and many other activities which help users to earn reward points. BTCC also aims to attract new users by cutting off both registration and transaction fee for the first 3 months of trading.

BTCC Big Plans For Future

They have just announced their action plan for the future. They have not yet declared any official dates for the release of tokens. The BTCC tokens can be used for trading various cryptocurrencies as discussed earlier. Along with this, they are also planning to add more cryptocurrencies to the market.

BTCC is aiming to go big into the market and attract new users at the same time. BTCC is a well-known name in the market, but still, needs to increase the user base for which they are providing exciting offers.

Various Trading Providers mandatorily take a trading fee of some percent. But BTCC announced that it would not take any trading fee for the first three months.

More features include a reward system, trading pairs, speed of deposit and withdrawal, security.

As per the latest information, currently, 10,000 reward points are allotted to new users who want to join the BTCC.

Final Words

The more you wait, the less you get. Try the BTCC exchange and trade the cryptocurrencies at 0% trading fee for first 3 months. Complete tasks and earn reward points. Convert those points to BTCC tokens and trade crypto-currencies.


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