Brazil tops list of crypto mining attacks

brazil cryptojacking

According to a report from CERTCC (the Iranian anti-cybercrime authority), Brazil is at the top of the list of countries suffering from a hidden crypto mining attack. These attacks are known as cryptojacking. The attack itself occurs via the Coinhive program.

According to the document published on Monday (08), a script hides in websites sites and makes computers mine Monero (XMR), without the consent of the owners. Coinhive provides an API (Application Programming Interface) to developers. This API allows them to use users’ CPU resources to mine cryptocurrencies without the consent of users.

Only last year, at least 81.000 computers and devices were attacked in Brazil, making the country the number 1 target of cryptojacking in the world

India at number 2

The second most attacked country was India, with about 29,000 cases, followed by Indonesia, which registered 23,000 cases of cryptojacking. Iran is also on this list. In Tehran alone, more than 600 cases were part of the 11,000 attacks in the country registered by the Agency.

In May, the Badpackets research site already pointed out, through a study, that about 300 sites worlwide contained malicious code that would lead to an infected trough Coinhive without the knowledge of the users.

Recently, the Japanese police investigated a case of cryptojacking. In the Philippines, malicious software was removed from the League of Legends Philippines.

Last month, the Internet security company founded by bitcoin investor John McAfee, McAfee Labs, reported that cyberattacks through crypto mining malware grew 86 percent in the second quarter of this year.

The report stated that while malware is less common, ransomwares are more prevalent. Malicious programs mining cryptocurrencies using the technique have emerged quickly. And computers are their main target.

McAfee also said that the research team found at least 15 malicious applications on Google Play. This shows that cybercriminals continue to find new ways to steal victims who use applications from official stores.


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