Brazil creates cryptocurrency for trading between brand and consumer

brasil wibx

Brazil is set to launch the first cryptocurrency in the world focused on trade between brands and consumers. Wibx will be launched in November 2018. As such, this will be the first cryptocurrency capable of creating a direct link between parties involved in a completely decentralized way. Everything indicates that Wibx can conquer this sector of trade.

More than just Brazil, Wibx can also be widely used in other countries. According to the idea of ​​its founders, the Brazilian cryptocurrency will create a link between brands and the consumers. So it looks like Wibx will be able to manage a reward system that can grab market attention.

The project developed in Brazil has support from Aeronautics Institute

Wibx has been developed three years ago in São Paulo, Brazil. The project sought the support of a strategic partnership capable of offering technological solutions for Wibx. In addition to receiving 5 million Brazilian reais in investments, Wibx has the support of the Software Engineering Research Group of ITA (Instituto Tecnológico Aeronáutico). It was through this partnership that the project was able to be developed in recent years.

Although Wibx offers a cryptocurrency, the token can not be used directly in commercialization. Therefore, Wibx will function as a utility token, which can have many functions. It has not been clear how the project will work. The creators are expected to launch Wibx on November 12th, 2018.

Brazilian Cryptocurrency to have initial offer (ICO) soon

Even without being used to market objects and products, Wibx can create a direct link between brands and consumers. With utility tokens, services and products can be exchanged as a reward. In addition, brands may offer discounts on purchases and even items ordered by their consumers in exchanges from some Wibx units.

The expectation is big, and the project can gain a lot of visibility in the whole market. As much as Wibx is Brazilian, its creators plan to conquer the international market. Soon, Wibx will have to go through an initial currency offer (ICO) in which 12 billion Wibx units will be traded. Therefore, the project expects these tokens to be purchased in pre-order at a price of US $ 0.04.


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