Blockchain Smartphone: Has THC Lost Its Bid for First Place?

Blockchain smartphones

It’s in with the wallets and out with the blocks and chains as far as the new smart phone from High Tech Computer Company (HTC) is concerned. The company says the Exodus will still make its entrance before the year ends, but will no longer be the originally-planned blockchain smartphone including a blockchain network for trading between users.

It will still have the wallet, and users will be able to have some fun with the CryptoKitties game DApp based on Ethereum. However, the electronics firm based in Taiwan, which announced its entry into the race to produce a revolutionary blockchain smartphone only two months ago, says the blockchain network will not be included in this model after all.

Initial plans were for the phone to have a built-in Blockchain network which could be used as a node, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies with each other. It was also hinted that it would support both Etherium and Bitcoin.

Sirin Lab’s Blockchain Smartphone Still on Track

This was a tough week for the creator of HTC Vive and HTC’s head of business and corporate development, Phil Chen, who first approached HTC with the idea for a blockchain phone in 2015. Firstly, he told The Verge technology news outlet that the company’s planned phone would only happen sometime in the future, and the 2018 model would be restricted to the wallet and Kitties.

And then he had to hear Swiss-based Sirin Labs announce that their blockchain smartphone, labelled the Finney, would be available by November. That’s just under a year after the company raised close on $160 million to fund the project during their Initial Coin Offering (ICO).  $110 million of that was raised in just 24 hours.

Earlier this year Chinese tech company Huawei was also reported to be set on entering the blockchain smartphone market. It was trying to get a license for Sirin Labs’ SIRIN OS technology so it could release its own phone featuring DApps based on blockchain.


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