Blockchain company of the year 2018 has been announced

Sophia TX The Blockchain Company Of the Year

Zurich, Switzerland, April 19th, 2018  – in this month’s edition of CIO Applications, the award for “company of the year” has gone to SophiaTX, the company ranked amongst the top ten providers in its field, this blockchain initiative is a platform which is bringing about  new innovations to the industries by escalating applications like ERP, CRM and others.

  • SophiaTX has been named as “company of the year” by CIO Applications.
  • The enterprise blockchain platform and the marketplace has also made it to the Top ten lists in both Enterprise security as well as CIO Applications magazines.

Currently, the organization is working rigorously towards the aim of further acceptance of the blockchain across several industries while also realizing the technology’s various possibilities of becoming an important source of disruptive innovation in management businesses. The SophiaTX platform possesses the potential of reinforcing the availability of an organization system and also of providing end-to-end transparency, right from manufacturing to consumers.

Joe Phillip, the Managing Editor of CIO Applications, said, “We feel delighted to announce SophiaTX as one of the Top 10 blockchain solution companies 2018.”

He further added, “SophiaTX has been a leading player in the blockchain technology space for quite some time, and their growth and improvement in blockchain is quite remarkable. We are delighted to distinguish SophiaTX for its exemplary contribution in presenting unique and robust solutions in blockchain technology.”

Speaking on behalf of the company, after it received the distinguished title, The CEO of SophiaTX, Jaroslav Kacina explained that his company intends to become one of the leading platforms for blockchain adoption for organizations of all sizes and enable them to understand the true potential of blockchain innovation.

Kacina’s statement reads as follows, “We’re extremely honored that CIO Applications recognizes this goal and the innovative nature of our platform. We are also very pleased to be named the as the Company of The Year(2018) and to sit alongside  other leaders in our field in the Top 10.”

Kacina further added,

“Ever since we hosted our Token Generation Event at the end of 2017 we have gone on to make massive developments towards our goal of utilizing integrated blockchain to transform the industry. I am extremely thrilled that we have already received recognition of such high level. It bears witness to the incredible amount of dedication our team members have given into this project, and  also the appetite from major organizations  for this type of solution, which motivated us to reach this mark.”

After a year-round selection process. Enterprise Security has included SophiaTX in its top 10 list. The publication’s market research team tracks all available solutions in the marketplace and monitors conversations and updates in the industry. The selected nominee list is then shared with a selection panel which consists of Senior IT Decision Makers and Senior Editors, as well as the magazine’s subscribers, who altogether decide the ten finalists based on a number of factors like the product, innovation, case studies and target markets.


SophiaTX is a blockchain platform and marketplace developed for combining traditional applications like ERP, CRM, and several others with the decentralized blockchain to provide much more efficient solutions. It is Open Source and consists of combining APIs to SAP and other enterprise applications. Several partnerships with different business sectors have already been announced by SophiaTX.

Additionally the “Blockchain Company of The Year 2018” is also working together with EY (Ernst & Young) to develop a blockchain solution for the automotive sector.


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