Bitcoin Forking is now a growing trend worldwide

Earlier very rarely would any individual get into Forking Bitcoin. Then slowly it turned into a norm. And gradually over a period of time, it turned into a meme, with anybody and everybody forking bitcoin on a weekly basis. There has now been an aggregate of 69 bitcoin forks in addition to another 18 altcoin forks.

Almost 80 free coins can be claimed by holders of Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero (ETH, LTC, XMR). Regardless of whether it’s justified as something worth investing their time into is a whole different argument.

It’s a well-known fact that ever since Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was launched, the quality and estimation of resulting forks has been crumbling. On the other hand, what is not such a well-known fact is exactly what number of forks have existed. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Coral, Bitcoin Sudo, and Bitcoin Star do not exactly strike a long lasting image in the minds of customers. Arguably, Nor will they ever do so.  Like the vast majority of the Bitcoin forks present on’s massive list and Best Bitcoin Wallet at present, these coins lack exchange listings.

For anybody with a budding enthusiasm for forks, or anyone considering asserting any of these coins,’s resources incorporate guides for guaranteeing them and areas on passive and dynamic airdrops. For those individuals who aren’t particularly very tech-savvy, there are sites that will enable you to assert your free coins – but a contingency being, paying a specific cut. Regardless of whether these coins are worth claiming, with or without a commission appended, is up for debate.

Till today, Out of the 69 Bitcoin forks, Just 10 are tradable on exchanges. The combined values of these 10 tradable forks are worth $941, or around 0.12 BTC. Remove Bitcoin cash out of the equation and just a mere amount of only $206 or 0.026 BTC is left. Based on facts and several reports, claiming these forked coins is just simply not worth the time, the risk factor involved by exposing your private key on a third party site for just an additional 2.5{2876df4882026c2e86682ce6494609b46f70b4615d452e4f7f6c3e9089b96e49} BTC is just too much. However the same cannot be said for people who have Bitcoins in surplus.

Speaking of altcoins, the returns are extremely low.   About 18 altcoin forks are listed on, however, by cloning the code and then adding their own twist many more have been forked. Verge, for instance, is a fork of Dogecoin, but was not made available on a 1:1 basis to doge holders even till date it hasn’t been made available.

Six Ethereum forks, three Litecoin forks, and six Monero forks plus a couple of others have been listed on Forkdrop’s altcoin section. However, just three of these forks are tradable, with a combined value of just $20. Just simply do the Math and it will show that claiming forked altcoins is a pointless exercise, unless, they’re automatically distributed by an exchange, then a person wouldn’t have to put in any efforts.

Forking Bitcoin is quite simple. Several Tools, for instance, Forkgen will do all the hard work for you.

Forkgen has a mantra which reads “Fork it till you make it.” Basically what the tool does is that it guides noobs through a simple process which concludes by hitting the blue button marked “Generate New Altcoin”.

As per a statement from Jimmy Song it reads:

Bitcoin will continue to be diverse because unlike centralized coins, it’s market-driven, immutable and cannot be controlled. These just so happen to be the properties of a great store of value and this provides Bitcoin with a utility that no other token has.

Bitcoin Private is one coin that hasn’t been listed on Forkdrop. As it reportedly has different characteristics in comparison the rest that Forkdrop forked simultaneously from classic and Bitcoin.


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