Binance almost achieved NASDAQ sales in the first quarter


How well things are running in Binance home was shown by a direct comparison of the results of the US NASDAQ, which was released on Twitter at the end of this week. Investors can confirm that they can earn money with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple. Even the major stock exchanges are securing an increase in sales with the provision of their platforms.

Great success for such a young company

Dovey Wan, the managing director of DanHua Capital (DHVC) and an early investor in Dfinity, ZCash, Cosmos, Kyber and Handshake was responsible for the disclosure of the comparative data. The result is impressive. The crypto exchange has $200 million in revenue for the first quarter of this year.

In the image on twitter, she pointed that

“Binance is just 8 months, and has 200 employees, but made $200M at Q1 of 2018, comparing it to 47 years old Nasdaq with 4500 employees and $209M profit. Nasdaq’s 2018 Q1 profit was just $9M ahead of Binance”.

This leaves the emerging $9 million profit company behind the US NASDAQ’s most well-known electronic stock market. Particularly with regard to the young history of the provider of Binance, this success is more than worth a visit. Rarely, it is so clear what potential is there in the market.

Investment enthusiasm should guarantee further growth

In addition, Binance expands according to current statements increasingly faster. Criticism of high costs for the introduction of new coins (rumors speak of seven-digit dollar amounts) or the conditions which are being repeatedly criticized by experts on decentralization, hardly damages the growth of the platform. Among other things, the company has been putting its profits into the introduction of a new stock exchange based in Liechtenstein, and lush sums are being invested in other new projects.

It is interesting, incidentally, that Binance relies on far fewer employees than NASDAQ for its rapid progress. Around 4,500 employees of the traditional US company currently have only about 200 employees at Binance.


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