Australia to get its own Solar-powered Crypto mining farm

Australia is all prepared to provide shelter to a 44.5-acre, solar-powered Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency mining farm. As earlier in the week, Hadouken Pvt. Ltd. announced that would be launching the 20-megawatt solar farm for the purpose of mining Cryptocurrencies in the coal-mining town of Collie in Western Australia’s South West District. The installment is booked to be up and running within three to a half year, highlighting 69,000 modules and five inverters. It will likewise control a Data Center.

After receiving the nod from local authorities, it was announced that Ben Tan, a Crypto-enthusiast, local energy entrepreneur and solar developer of Hadouken, would be spearheading the installation process.

The solar ranch would make some really incredible progress in providing cost-efficient energy for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining. Currently, the environmental cost of Cryptocurrency mining is enormous. Reports demonstrate that the Bitcoin network, for instance, controls enough Energy to control all of Denmark, home to 5.7 million occupants.

As for a single Bitcoin transaction, gauges shift. A few reports show that a solitary transaction hoards enough energy to control 28.79 US family units for a day, with the whole Bitcoin network easily consuming enough energy to control 5,699,560 families in the US or enough vitality to control the whole nation of Ireland.

Bitcoin mining was consuming such a huge amount of energy in Iceland that a representative for the energy firm HS Orka, raised concerns that Bitcoin could deplete the nation’s entire energy supply. Furthermore, Bitcoin protestors predict that it’s poised to eat up the worldwide energy supply by 2020.

Coal-fired power plants compound the problem by producing a carbon footprint for each and every Bitcoin transaction.

Since Australia has a portion of one of the most astounding energy costs globally, crypto mining administrators have more than enough reason to switch to solar.

The solar oriented mining farm declaration by Hadouken takes after the news that Australia’s Hunter Energy is planning to construct a blockchain center that will be situated in a lethargic coal control plant near Singleton in the Hunter Region of New South Wales. The move to revive Redbank Power Station is being termed as a landmark deal since it will provide cheap energy to mineworkers. As per CEO Jim Myatt, the crypto mining task will devour close to 20 megawatts – a similar limit of the proposed 100{2876df4882026c2e86682ce6494609b46f70b4615d452e4f7f6c3e9089b96e49}-solar digital currency mining farm in Collie.


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