Review: Fundamental Reasons Why It’s The Best Airdrop Listing Platform is the leading airdrop listing website which provides comprehensive and reliable ratings.

You can basically treat AirdropRating as an airdrop dashboard where you can navigate to the project’s sites or channels, get updates, and source critical information.

It organizes and scores the considerable airdrops based on different critical elements so you can take a solid decision when choosing a blockchain project.

However, actually offers more advantages than you can imagine. Let’s check them out:

Top-Notch Listings

If you’re an Airdrop hunter, you would be happy with AirdropRating’s top-notch listings.

There are currently more than 40 potential blockchain projects listed by AirdropRating, and you can access them all through the site.

It offers a hassle-free experience in sorting thousands of Airdrops into the top potential list. It’s the best entry point to research airdrops.


To some extent, AirdropRating plays a crucial role in benchmarking the Crypto Airdrops. It breaks down project elements through scoring, reviews, and evaluation.

This way, you can have both a general and specific overview upon the potential Airdrops along with their actual, perpetual performance.

Learning from Airdrop Experts

AirdropRating has set reliable parameters to review and rate the blockchain projects listed on their site.

Airdrop experts build these parameters through complexities and experiences. When they drop a score to an airdrop, it will pass those parameters.

These parameters are revealed through reviews and analysis. If you’ve been exploring AirdropRating for a while, you might have been one of those experts as well.

Evaluating Tokens

No more desperate on evaluating the tokens as AirdropRating does it for you for free. It includes how much dollars you’ll receive from the token value.

This way, you can have a wider and more strategically approaches applied to your fiat investments.

Valuable Tips

Airdroprating educates you on how to make a solid decision in choosing an airdrop with valuable tips.

On the other hands, you’ll be guided when joining particular Airdrops which could be a daunting task for beginners and/or be different for each type of blockchain project.

Exclusive and Premium Airdrops

If you want to go straight forward, you may consider exclusive airdrops, and officially manages them for you.

These exclusive airdrops could be a considerable option if you take the highest platform’s priority into account when choosing a blockchain project. There are four exclusive airdrops fully featured in AirdropRating, and more will come soon.

On the other hand, the highest quality standards of airdrops are also listed as a premium offer by AirdropRating.

These represent the Airdrop’s validity, reliability, stability, and so forth. The premium airdrops could be the top choices if you prefer quick picks at this time.


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