About Us

Our enthusiasm for the crypto and blockchain world was what led us to start a news site so we can share our knowledge and provide readers which accurate and genuine information. If you want the latest news and views about Bitcoin and the leading altcoins in the world, this site is for you.

How We Started

We began as a small initiative to present the latest and most accurate cryptocurrency and blockchain news to the world. Cryptocurrencies have been making headlines all over the world even in the most remote towns and as a result, the technology behind it has been getting noticed as well.

However, we noticed that as the crypto world gets more and more attention, the quality and legitimacy of news has been deteriorating, being hardcore and experienced crypto-enthusiasts we could not see this happening right in front of our eyes that thus TokenMantra came into existence.

Why We Started

People want to know about these currencies. They are excited about the idea of a currency that is devoid of govt. control and bank monopolies. They not only wish to transact in these currencies but also see them as valuable investment options.

However, as readers are looking for reliable news stories, we decided to research the best sources and deliver the most relevant and accurate information through our news stories.

Our Aim

Whether our readers are freshers to this space or blockchain-savvy developers, entrepreneurs, or investors we seek to educate them with quality stories that meet our stringent editorial and journalistic standards; featuring both, the highs and the lows of the cryptocurrency industry.

We strive to be the most reliable and trustworthy publication in the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry. We believe the essential part of maintaining our audience’s trust is adhering to strong journalistic and business ethics, we cherish the value of honesty the most.

Our Goal

Our vision is to create a space for readers where they can get sound advice without being manipulated into any promotional activities. Our main focus is solely based on providing the latest news in its raw form as it happened, directly to our readers.

Feel free the contact us at any time, it is always a pleasure to hear from new people.