A suspect in the ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’ has escaped from a prison in Iceland

A Suspect From The Big Bitcoin Hiest Has Escaped From A Prison In Iceland

As per reports, one of the suspects from the ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’, Sindri Thor Stefansson, an architect has escaped an Iceland prison and left for Sweden. Stefansson is amongst the many groups of suspects that were accused of the massive theft, in which 600 PC’s which were used for mining bitcoins and altcoins worth millions of dollars were stolen.

Nordic Island a nation with a low crime-history suffered the most miserable heist of all time which shook them entirely, and hence the locals termed it as ‘Big Bitcoin Heist‘.

The heist took place between December and January the period when mining profits and bitcoin price was at its peak.

As per a statement was given to the local news outlet Visir, by Police Chief Gunnar Schram, stated that “Stefansson had some help with the escape”. On the other hand, the police commissioner stated that the “Big Bitcoin Heist” denoted a grand scale that has never been seen previously.”

Stefansson was under custody since February 2018, and over a week ago was shifted to a low-security prison, where the prisoners are not constrained by fences, and they also have access to phone services and Wi-Fi facilities.

In an interview with the LA Times, a professor at the University of Iceland revealed,  that the “rare” decision to hold a high profile felon like Stefansson at such a basic prison can only mean one thing that is, perhaps his “escape was organized.”

According to reports, Stefansson escaped through a window, after which he took the 60-mile route to Keflavík International Airport from where he boarded a passenger plane to Sweden with a stolen passport, and was spotted on the security footage.

Stefansson escaped on board before the in-flight guards could even notice, he boarded the plane which reportedly also had Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir on board, she was on her way to Stockholm where she met India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

An international arrest warrant has been issued against Stefansson, however, he has not been arrested yet.

The “Big Bitcoin Heist” is still an open case, although a number of suspects, in this case, have been arrested still the stolen computers, graphics cards, power sources, motherboards and memory discs that comprised the bitcoin mining operation are yet to be recovered.

Given its cheap and generous power supply that is powered by volcanoes in the island nation, and also not to forget its chilly Arctic temperatures that makes it ideal for keeping computers cool during the energy-intensive mining process, miners look at Iceland as the ideal destination for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

With a population of 340,000, Iceland can easily provide sufficient electricity to every household and still has a huge supply left, which it dedicates to bitcoin mining. It is also the country where WikiLeaks was launched and boasts about having one of the lowest crime rates globally.


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