5 Million Users Will Soon Be Able to Pay Bills with Ripple’s XRP

With Ripple's XRP

The proliferation of a cryptocurrency has a significant impact on bringing the technology to the world but also boosting confidence in the digital asset. By integrating Ripple’s native cryptocurrency XRP on coins.ph, 5 million users will be able to pay their bills with it.

Ripple’s XRP is currently being integrated into the mobile wallet on the Philippine cryptocurrency platform coins.ph, which has been in existence since 2014. As Bitpinas reports, XRP integration is currently available to a limited number of users of the Android app.

Mr Goltra, CEO of the platform, states that data is still being collected to evaluate the final steps. According to the company, the platform counts more than 5 million users and wants to expand further, so that more than 20 million customers use the services by 2020.

Coin.ph users can already pay different bills with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash. Manila Water provides drinking water to more than 6 million people in eastern Manila. With the help of coin.ph, this water bill can be easily and conveniently paid for with cryptocurrencies and very soon the native cryptocurrency of Ripple, XRP can also be used for the same purpose.

The recently established partnership with Wirex has enabled Ripple to reach a large critical mass of people and drive adoption decisively. In addition to all the Euphoria, however, there was also a grim news.

As we reported yesterday, Ripple Labs may face a fourth indictment. This is still unclear whether Ripple’s XRP is a security within the meaning of the American law or not. To this day, there is no clear legal decision.

Irrespective of this, XRP’s share price declined by a minimal of 3.13 percent to a price of 0.34 USD. With a market capitalization of just under 13.391 billion USD ripple ranks # 3 amongst the largest cryptocurrencies worldwide.


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