400 Bitcoin Fee for Listing a Shitcoin On Binance? Everything Is A Lie!

Everything Is A Lie!

For the listing of new digital currency on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, the operators of the platform charge a considerable fee. An acquaintance of the crypto scene has now allegedly revealed on the basis of an email traffic that Binance charges 400 bitcoins for the listing of new coins on the platform. Changpen Zhao immediately denies those rumors.

In the vastness of the crypto universe, rumors and information spread like wildfire thanks to the internet. Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook contribute significantly to this.

Christopher Franko, Co-Founder of the Expanse Project, has claimed on Twitter that he has evidence that Binance would charge 400 bitcoin for listing a new coin. As evidence, he leads a screenshot in an e-mail with the sender address oyyq@binance.com in the field, which should support his statements.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao responded promptly, making it clear that Binance would not charge 400 Bitcoin or 4,000 Bitcoin as fees for Shitcoin since they only list projects that actually have hands and feet and are not classified as scams.

A short time later, Zhao called Franko personally by name and stated that Binance would never talk about charges in an e-mail, certainly not in Bitcoin as a payment option.

Changpeng Zhao further describes that he is not involved in the process of listing new coins on Binance. Regardless of what the absolute truth is, exchanges charge a fee for listing new cryptocurrencies. The level of fees can be set by the crypto exchange itself, as it is at its sole discretion. Here, fees should be incurred in up to 7-digit amount.

The price of Bitcoin listed within the last 24 hours fell by 5.50 percent on a price of 6,044.24 USD. As we have already reported, market dominance has risen to over 50 percent.


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