100.000 Bitcoin ATMs to be installed the United States

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A cooperation between a traditional ATM manufacturer and a cryptocurrency vending machine company might change the future of Bitcoin acquisition. They want to offer the purchase of Bitcoin by debit card at tens of thousands of locations in the United States.

Thee Bitcoin ATM company, LibertyX, and the ATM company Genmega announced a partnership that will allow the purchase of bitcoins by using a debit card at up to 100.000 locations in the United States.

USA is the country with the most Bitcoin ATMs in the world

A number of factors have contributed to the United States being the leader in terms of numbers of Bitcoin ATM’s. This includes the high level of awareness and adoption of crypto-currency. A recent market research report indicated that this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. According to the compay:

“This breakthrough benefits both consumers, ATM operators and merchants. Consumers and those new to Bitcoin will appreciate the familiarity of the ATM to help lower the learning curve when trying out new cryptocurrency technology. Additionally, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, will now be able to purchase Bitcoin from their neighborhood ATM instantly. The buying process is very similar to withdrawing cash from an ATM, except instead of cash being dispensed, the customer will receive Bitcoin.”

Although it is not yet known which part of the 100,000 ATMs will actually offer Bitcoin for purchase, even a small percentage would greatly increase the number of Bitcoin ATMs in the United States. At the moment there are just over 3.800 units of Bitcoin ATMs in the world, with an average of 5.58 bitcoin ATMs being added daily.


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